A few days of speakers, workshops, challenges, and brain explosions (the good kind).

A few nights of bonfires, parties, making new besties, and roasting the shit out of some marshmallows.


Andrea Rose
From dressing up my friends and running through the woods, faking absolutely everything and barely making it, to working other jobs and taking pictures on the side for little to no money for so many years, to now... I accidentally grew up and became a photographer. LINKS Website * Instagram * Facebook
Dan O’Day
I put everything I have into everything I do, simply because I don't know how to do it any other way. Since going full time with my wedding business in 2009, I still pinch myself that I get to shoot weddings all over the world and Australia-wide. I really do feel like I'm living in some sort of a dream. These days I'm living in a little old house with the girl I love. When I'm not hanging out at weddings, you can find me purchasing time management books that I never find the time to read (and feeding our staffy daughter Jessie way too many treats whilst sniffing her ears). LINKS Website * Instagram * Facebook
Jai Long
Maybe it was my nomadic beginnings, but despite a rather turbulent home life full of ups and downs, I was always a dreamer. In fact, perhaps this is why I've always felt incredibly driven and motivated to push those dreams into reality. As a kid I used to dream of being a radio presenter or an international pilot or a high flying business man in a suit. I would stare into the stars imagining if I could go out and explore them. Sometimes I was a super hero, cape flying wildly as I sped through the air. The countryside was my world, the bush was a foreign planet, streams turn into raging rivers to be forged, new terrain to be discovered and all ...
Jessica Tremp
I usually look like I could do with a haircut. I'm always one of the first on the dance floor, though my dancing style is more Elaine Benes than Isadora Duncan. I'm constantly navigating the fine line between tomboy and lady, scaling fences in gumboots and floral dresses. I like love. Love is ace bananas. Love is the glue. LINKS Personal * Website * Instagram * Facebook
Lucy Spartalis
After studying at The (wonderful) Centre for Creative Photography in Adelaide, I moved to Melbourne in 2009, basing myself in the heart of Collingwood. I now work alongside my handsome filmmaker partner Alastair Innes in our duo She Takes Pictures He Makes Films, capturing couples' stories around Australia and overseas. I also shoot editorial features for Frankie Magazine and Dumbo Feather Magazine; work with dancers, musicians and performance artists on promotional shoots; eat a lot of cheese, listen to a lot of records... and really don't get a lot of sleep. LINKS Website * Blog * Instagram * Facebook
Natasja Kremers
I am a Dutch-born photographer documenting people and places. Can't really believe I documented my first wedding about 20 or so years ago, where does time go? I'm attracted to the liquorice assortment at is life and chronicle the big moments and the small moments, grand expanses and little nooks, the darling and the dirty and BOTH the rock and the roll. With aplomb! LINKS Website * Instagram * Facebook