Sun 8 – Thu 12 Oct 2017

4 nights. Check-in at 2pm and check-out at 10am. Possible life-changing in between.


$2100 (inc GST)


Four nights accommodation at Donnelly River. Cos we know how much it sucks paying for a photography thing then having to sort out and pay for accommodation on top of it.

Lunches and dinners provided. None of this half-sandwich nonsense you might get at an office ‘retreat.’ This thing is catered af.

Kickass speaker lineup. You saw the names, and we know what these guys are all like, their approaches, how much they have to offer. And you get to see them all. Not like those conferences where you have to pick and choose and for some reason they put two awesome ones on at the same time. /vent

Workshops. We’ve got some cool workshops lined up. Like, seriously cool. We'll add more details later, but stuff like lighting, branding, live shoots, that kinda deal.

Connecting with other rad wedding peeps. This. This is the best part of it. This is why you go to workshops and conferences. Learning is great, but having people you stay in touch with long after the camp is awesome.

Huge creativity boost for wedding season. Because conferences and workshops at the end of a wedding season don’t make sense. Seriously.


Tickets are available now.


Tickets are non-refundable however you can transfer them (but why would you want to?). The lineup may change (we don’t expect it to) but we can’t drag someone down there if they’re sicker than Donald Trump's golf swing.